wk 15- Designed Thinking.

As I am getting ready to graduate next week, I can’t help to think about my future and what I will be doing with my life. For the past four years I have focused my studies, hard work, and dedication to pursue a Sociology career along with a Child Development major. However, now that graduation is right around the corner I sit here and ask myself what is it that I really want to do.

For the past 4 years of college I have worked part time at LA Fitness. My Operations manager has seen me grow with the company and has acknowledge all of my hard work. He was luckily offered me a position as an Operations Manager as soon as I graduate. I am extremely blessed to have this opportunity open up for me. Through his help and support we have been able to make accommodations to make everything fall into place as soon as I graduate. I see myself working with the company for a few years until I eventually find something that has to do with my major. For the moment, I see myself there for a few years.

If I was not offered a position at LA Fitness I would be perusing to be a social working or a probation officer. Since I graduated college I have always had a growing passion for kids and helping kids out. I looked into several careers that would help me do that and Social Worker and probation offers were the ones that stood out. My plan would be to star with a social worker for a few years. Being a social worker is extremely emotionally hard and draining but being able to over come that would be able to give me the ability and strength to become a probation officer. Moving forward with a probation officer I would eventually like to move up in rank.

Lastly, if I has financially stable and money was not a problem I would like to be a Pre-School Teacher. Since I was small I have always wanted to be a teacher. I love kids and i’ve known that from the very beginning. However, the pay for a preschool teacher is horrible. I would not be financially stable If i pursued this career right after college. My plan is to be financially secure and then follow my heart and become a pre school teacher.


Life As a Social Worker/Probation Officer

  1. Work as an LA Fitness manager until I find a job as social worker.
  2. Save up money.
  3. Begin to pay off my student loans.


  1. Apply to Grad school.
  2. Finish Grad School in 2 years.


  1. Find a job as a social worker/probation officer.
  2. Move out of my parents house.
  3. Find my own place.


  1. Find my significant other.
  2. Land a great job.
  3. Have kids.




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