wk 10- Artist conversation- Clare Samani

Artis: Clare Samani

Exhibition: Dressed

Media: Mixed, Paint,

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts

Instagram: @clares_printing

About the Artist

Clare Samani is a senior at California State University Long Beach. She is currently working on getting her Bachelors of Art in Print Making. Her plan after graduation is to move to Louisiana to attend grad school for print making. From a young age she has always loved drowning, it was something she and her father did all of the time. It is from the influence her father and drawing brought to her that her passion grew more and more eventually leading her to declare her major in Print making. Before declaring her major she took print making classes, fell in love, and was convinved that print making was for her.

Formal Analysis

Clare used lots of paint for her art. Her color schemed varied on the particular art piece and who and what influenced the piece it self. Her work is complex and vast in the form that it evolve mixture in constant states of renewal. Her work serves as a way of expression ‘one self’ through clothing and fashion.

Content Analysis

Clare’ work is most influenced by fashion. She is in love with fashion but admits that she is not fashionable herself. However, she does enjoy to keep up with the latest fashion trends and admits that she loves to admire how other people wear and portray ‘fashion’. She focused her work on identity, pattern, and the ‘American Fashion’. Her selection of colors is based on if she knows the person. She chooses the colors that best describe the persons personality and if she doesn’t know the person then it coming straight from the object itself.

Synthesis/My Experience

I really enjoyed looking at Clare’s work. I was very interested in hearing more about what inspired her to do her following drawings. I was very happy to hear that she loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends because I also love keeping up with fashion. Fashion is something that will never die because there are always new trends coming up.

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