wk9- Artist Conversation- David DeSantis

Artist: David DeSantis 

Exhibition: Day Dreamer 

Media: Mixed Media, Cardboard, Installation 

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts

Instagram: @rapturefineart

About the Artist

David DeSantis is a Senior at California State University.He is currently working on getting his Bachelors or Arts in print making. He currently lives in Westminster but grew up living in the Long Beach area. From a young age David knew he wanted to be an artist because he spend lots of his time building motorcycles. He realized that building motorcycles was taking too much time and geared his focus on to drawing designs for snowboards. However, he realized that he would have to move to Maine in order to pursue his passion for snowboard art and he stepped back from that. He then enrolled in school and landed at The School of Fine Arts and realize he could embody what he wanted to create rather than what others wanted him to create.

Formal Analysis 

David used cardboard and paper for his art work. His art work can be described as abstract. He was very spontaneous about his art; he used drip, splatter, and the flow of the media. His work embraces accidental abstract shapes of forms in order to let the audience build his or her own meaning about the art.

Content Analysis 

David’s work is influenced by ideas and concepts driven by fluid abstract expressionism. Most of his art pieces that were displayed in his art gallery were based on titles, beats, rhythms, and lyrics from music. One of his pieces ‘Wolf’ was inspired by Nine Inch Nails- Bite the Hand that Feeds You. David is a really big Wolf fan and tries to use his passion for Wolf with the abstract of art and make it recognizable. He explained that his art takes multiple connotations and the meanings are left to the viewers imagination.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

I really enjoyed hearing about David’s art experience.I found it extremely interesting to see how passionate he was about his art work. His passion for the Wolf tells a lot about his art work. Each piece reflects a song which he likes. His love for ‘Dub Step’ also played a big influence in his work. Recently I myself have been listening to ‘Dub Step’ so I thought that was pretty cool!


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