wk5-Artist Conversation-Molly Ramage

Artis: Molly Ramage

Exhibition: Sleep Sweat

Media: Ceramics, Painting, Canvas,

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Media: @jetbootsjetpack


About the Artist 

Molly Ramage is an undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach. She is enrolled in the School or Art and is majoring in printmaking. She is interested and fascinated by working with paper mache. She is also interested in the malleability of paper. Through her work you can see the great effort she has put.


Formal analysis 

Molly Morgan has used quite a few different material for her art work. She first began her painting on canvases or simple drawing paper. Most of her art work that she has done throughout the years has been through drawing paper, however, her most recent art piece was made out of paper mache. She was grown a fascination for working with paper mache to create real 3-D sculptures.


Content Analysis 

Molly is influenced by the idea of dreaming and nightmares. She believes that dream is a way of processing emotion, procrastination, or things that are overwhelming. Most of her work reflects unconscious emotions that are present during dreaming and processing them into work of art. She is really interested and curious as to how other people are able to interpret their dreams into art work.


Synthesis/My experience 

I absolutely loved the exhibition! All of the art pieces were so unique and great to observe. They were all very abstract and so different than all of the other art galleries. I believe I was able to relate to Molly in various of her art work because I often have dreams that have so much meaning to me but unfortunately because I am not good at drawing I am unable to put the thoughts into paper. Molly’s work was amazing.

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