Wk4- Artist Conversation-Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah

Artist: Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah 

Exhibition: Immaterial

Media: Canvas, Metal, Cardboard, Wood, Mixed Media, Paint.

Instagram: @wookieewarrior and @3lmski1


About the Artist 

Elmer and Robert are both undergraduate students at CSULB. They are both working on their Bachelors of Art in specifically in Drawing and Painting. Both Elmer and Robert had a passion for drawing and painting from a very young age. Elmer grew up around his older cousins who were big fanatics of graffiti. His liking for street art came from surrounding himself with his older cousins as well as growing up in the streets of LA. Robert also found great interest for Art a young age becoming more involved as he started his journey in college. Through their great liking in Art, paint, and drawing; Elmer and Robert were able to come together to share their art work and create the great exhibition of “Immaterial”.


Former Analysis 

Both artist used material that would be considered unconventional. Robert used different materials like; cardboard, metal, wood,  and cloth. Elmer work was focused more on the pairing on a canvas. Each art piece was uniquely different in their own way. For instance, Robert did not use cardboard for every art piece. His relationship with using cardboard with the pairing of his grandmother held a very strong connecting. Opposed to Elmer who used  unconventional subjects to create his paintings, like the people he interviewed.


Content Analysis 

Both Robert and Elmer are trying to explore things are that overlooked by society. Through their art they are trying to detach themselves from materialism and material objects. They are trying to bring people who have names to the same level as objects that are overlooked. For instance, Elmer focused on homeless people who are overlooked by society on a daily basis. Robert focused on people who have influenced him throughout his life. Each piece for each artist is about a specific person whom they interacted with and felt were overlooked. Through their art work they were able to tell their story and capture their personalities. The name for each individual painting tells a story in its own.


Synthesis/ My experience 

I really enjoyed Robert and Elmer’s art exhibition. Growing up in the city of Los Angeles I can relate to their love and passion for art. I have always been surrounded by street art and its sort of been the norm to see in my neighborhood, however, after listening to Elmer’s testimonial and the connection he made with the people he interviewed for exhibition made me grow a bigger interest for street art. I learned a lot about Elmer and Robert through their painting and hope to someday see more of their art around campus.

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