Wk4-Art Experience-Art Care Package


I have created my care package for my sister whom no longer lives with me but has had such a big influence in my life but most importantly in my health life. Veronica Castro age 33 recently moved up north to San Francisco. When I saw that we had to create a care package for someone I immediately thought about my sister. She is eleven years older than me and resembles another mother figure in my life. A few years go she got really involved in fitness and healthier life style. I saw her constant struggle but always saw her push through. Nonetheless, she is the reason why I am passionate about fitness.

Sending someone a care carepackage could be similar to sending someone a snapchat in the form of reaching out to them. Wether its for say hello, ask a question, or send a motivational message; sending a snap chat and care package is reaching out to someone. It  is different in the form that through a care package you are able to physically send someone something that may be meaningful. You are only able to send words through snapchat opposed to  something physical. I believe ephemera is is meaningful. I believe objects hold greater value over time. In my case, I included a pair of running shoes. Those hold great meaning because they were once my sisters. For some reason I always loved wearing her shoes and the moment she left she left behind those shoes that now hold great value to me because she’s not around.

I  believe there is a difference in the Art you see in a Museum and the Art you send to someone through a care package. The idea of a care package is more intimate and personal between you and the person you are sending it to. You are able to hold more personal meaning opposed to the Art you see hanging on a wall. Sending someone a care package and knowing it will take days to be delivered holds greater meaning to me than sending a snap chat. Through the care package you can see the time and effort someone put into it. You are able to feel the love through the package.

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