Wk3-Artist Coversation-Mimi Haddon

Artist: Mimi Haddon

Exhibition: MFA Fiber Art

Media: Fiber, Mixed Media

Website: mimihaddon.com

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East



Mimi Haddon is a CSULB alumni. She attended CSULB for her bachelors degree majoring in graphic design. She graduated with her graphic design degree in 1999. Mimi is also a photograpger and enjoys capturing great detail in images. She focuses on both photography and soft structure and bounces back from each one. Her inspiration for her exhibition at CSULB came from a photograph she saw at Santa Monica Pier that quickly captured her attention. She was blown away by the small details and the color theory behind it. Its amazing to see how a simple picture influenced her to start new ideas.


Mimis work comes mostly directly from T-shirts. She has found great interest in discarded human made materials like old T-shirts that perhaps were only worn once or twice. Her T-shirt collection comes mostly through donations from her local Goodwill and collected approximetly 100 T-shirts. She used warm toned T-Shirts when she first started her project but has expanded her T-Shirt color scheme to explore more colors in her work. Her color scheme was great she had a range of different colors and her art gave a sense of ‘life’ due to the brightness of her color scheme. The texture of the T-Shirts were just as any ordinary T-Shirt but due to the color scheme the texture did seem a bit rough. She is now interesting in soft structure which was displayed through her project was she was working on outside of her Gallery. img_9917


When asked about her art Mimi expressed that she was interested in the way Indigenous culture utilized materials though the world to braid, weave, and build structure. This lead her to discover that her native materials to her culture could be T-Shirts. T-Shirts because they are considered to be disposable or non usable after some time. She expressed that many people only use their T-Shirts once or twice and then dispose of it never to know what could have been by that. She wanted to give life to things that have been disposed of through her work and its through here that she started her fiber sculpture. Her interest ha increased to sewing pieces together and repetition. IMG_9919.JPG


I was really blown away by Mimi’s work. I was really fascinated by her idea of wanting to give new life to things that have been disposed. I own many T-shirts that I have only worn once or twice and are just folded away in my drawers, not to mention, the amount of T-shirts I have thrown away. The way she arranged her color scheme in each of her work was great. It made it very colorful and definitely brought ‘life’ back to T-shirts whom were once disposed of. The T-Shirt rope was pretty awesome. Her interpretation of fiber sculpture could be presented in her work. I enjoyed her art work and nonetheless listening to what she had to say! IMG_9918.JPG

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